CryptoClubBTM Bitcoin ATM - Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum using our Bitcoin ATM machines

Who we are.

CryptoClub Bitcoin ATM, formerly AutoCoinage, was founded in 2014 and operates and maintains a network of Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs) in Montreal, QC. Our primary goal is to make cryptocurrency accessible to the residents and visitors of Montreal through our many locations and remain an industry leader offering insight and education on the crypto industry. You can expect the best when you see our BTMs. They are fast, easy to use, low cost and positioned all around Montreal. Our Technical Assistance Team is available to help you at any time before, during or after the transaction.

Our BTMs.

Our BTMs (Bitcoin Teller Machines) are equipped with cutting edge technology and state of the art programming to make buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin so easy. We’ve strategically selected convenient locations throughout Montreal that are located indoors to ensure safety and security. There’s no registration required and no wiring or waiting - simply bring your mobile crypto wallet or cash to instantly buy select coins from the BTM.

We believe in cryptocurrency.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve and the number of things you can buy with crypto continues to grow, it’s our mission to remain an industry leader and provide access to coins and crypto news as people need it. Cryptocurrency is a modern way to connect the world via e-commerce and trade and the future possibilities are endless. The movement is strong and the involvement is real, so you can be assured that CryptoClub is in it for the long haul.

The future is now.

Cryptocurrency isn’t just the money of the future, it is money now. With many businesses already accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method, that only helps legitimise our industry and steady our growth through this digital revolution. It’s never too late to get involved and CryptoClub BTM is here to make sure you get the most out of buying your coins. Contact us at any time with questions about our machines or your transaction, we’re here for you.