Key Reasons to buy Bitcoin
Key Reasons to buy Bitcoin
February 1, 2020
How to secure your Bitcoin?
How to secure your Bitcoin?
October 13, 2020
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How to buy Bitcoin in Montreal

Where can I buy Bitcoin in Montreal

There are different ways to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in Montreal, Quebcec. The most common practice is to purchase your Bitcoin through an online Cryptocurrency Exchange. These are exchanges that deal with different cryptocurrencies and some can be linked directly with your bank account. Using a stockbroker is also an option, some stockbrokers use their own platforms to buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Buying Bitcoin does not have to be this complicated and this is thanks to our Bitcoin ATM located in Montreal.

Bitcoin ATMs in Montreal

If you live in Montreal or surrounding areas, there is an even easier way to buy Bitcoins and that is through our Bitcoin ATMs. The advantage with using an ATM to buy Bitcoins is that you do not need to go online or deal with a person. Our CryptoClubBTM machines are equipped with the most advanced technology and can easily trade your cash for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Our machines can both sell and buy Bitcoins. They are also strategically placed around Montreal which makes it easier to find one near you, and most locations operate 7 days a week and from early to very late hours. Another benefit of using our Bitcoin ATM is that they do not require ID. This is the easiest and safest way to buy or sell your Bitcoin using our Bitcoin ATM that are located all over Montreal. In order to see all of our locations, please follow this link: Bitcoin ATM locations in Montreal.

Our Bitcoin ATM machines make it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin in Montreal. They are very easy to use, safe and also extremely fast. Using our Bitcoin ATMs, you can easily purchase and sell Bitcoins at all any one of our locations. Purchasing Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies can be done in three easy steps: insert the funds in the machine, scan your wallet QR code and receive your Bitcoin. We currently have 10 different point-of-sales for our CryptoClubBTM Bitcoin ATM machines in and around Montreal. They are all located indoors and are easily accessible. This makes it very easy to buy and sell BTC or other crypto currencies such as LTC and ETH using our Bitcoin ATMs.

Steps to buy Bitcoin using our Bitcoin ATMs

  • Locate the CryptoClubBTM closest to you in Montreal. Scan the QR code of an address in your Bitcoin wallet (i.e. located on the mobile device) with the ATM scanner. This is the address that you will receive your Bitcoins purchased at.

  • Enter an amount of Bitcoins you want to buy, or the amount of Canadian dollars you want to spend. The amount you can buy can be limited based on the financial settlement and the amount of Bitcoins available in the machine's wallet.

  • Insert your money and your purchased Bitcoins will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet address.

  • Digital Wallets recommended to purchase Bitcoin through our ATM machines

    Bitcoins are stored on your digital wallet. You will need one in order to buy or sell BTC on our Bitcoin ATMs. These are wallets that store your Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies) in the cloud and that are accessible using an application on your smartphone or through a website on the computer. Many exchanges offer a digital wallet but most people prefer to store their Bitcoin or other crypto from the exchanges and transfer them to their third-party wallet. The reason for doing so is because many users feel that these wallets are safer to store your crypto currencies.

    Learn more about securing your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies: How to secure your Bitcoin

    Different reasons why people buy Bitcoins

    There are different reasons to why people buy Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. The main one is as an investment. We have seen the price of Bitcoin already hit above $20,000 CAD, and since there is an finite number of available Bitcoins that can be mined, many speculators believe that Bitcoin can only go up as more and more people are getting comfortable with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Another reason why people are getting into cryptocurrencies is for trading purposes. We have seen many people become new millionaires by trading crypto currencies. We advise to educate yourself and learn as much as possible before getting into trading with crypto currencies.

    Bitcoin is well on its way to transforming itself into a financial asset of its own!

    Is this the right moment to invest in Bitcoin? It is indeed a question of when to invest in BTC. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, go for it. You may think that it is too late given the already high price of cryptocurrency, or that it is still a bit early because cryptocurrency has a relatively low entry level in the mainstream economy. Avoid looking at your investment from a market timing angle. It is impossible to predict the prices of this highly volatile asset and at what level the Bitcoin prices will be in a month, a year or even less. If you are tempted by the adventure and wish to invest in BTC, do so. But by diversifying your investments and using money you don't need.

    Take precautions before putting your entire savings into cryptocurrency, ask yourself how much is the smart amount to invest in Bitcoin. This is a necessary measure when it comes to investments and diversifications of your assets and it remains an essential factor in the proper management of a portfolio. This is true since Bitcoin's price moves a lot! It is best to invest only what you can afford to lose. Do your homework. Do your due diligence. Furthermore, the use of derivatives and leveraged products is recommended to the most sophisticated investors, who will be able to understand how these products work and the risks involved.

    Our CryptoClubBTM main office and exchange desk is located at 5120 Avenue de Courtrai, Suite # 101 in Montreal.

    Contact us if you have any questions.