Frequently Asked Questions

1How to buy Bitcoins at a CryptoClub BTM?
1. Select 'BUY BITCOIN' on the touch screen.
2. Insert cash into the red slot, one note at a time. This machine only accepts $10, $20, $50, $100 Bills.
3. The BTM will display the transaction details. Select 'CONTINUE'
4. If you select 'I have a bitcoin wallet', open your mobile wallet's QR Code and place it in front of the green light. Keep your device there until the green light turns off.
If you do not have a mobile wallet, the BTM will issue you a paper wallet.
5. The BTM will now send the Bitcoins to the desired address on your mobile device or print you a paper wallet.
6. Look at your wallet for the purchase confirmation.
Note: If you would like a receipt, please select the option when prompted.
2How to sell Bitcoins on a CryptClub BTM?
1. Select 'SELL BITCOIN'
2. Select 'CONTINUE'
3. Press the '+' sign to enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to sell. Select "WITHDRAW'.
4. The BTM will now issue you a redeem code, you must hold on to this code.
5. Open your mobile wallet, go to the 'send' and scan the QR Code displayed on the BTMs screen. Please ensure that the amount you are sending corresponds to the BTMs required amount.
6. Look at your mobile wallet for the purchase confirmation.
7. The cash will only be available after one confirmation is registered on the Blockchain. A redeem code will then be issued on your receipt. Once received, press ' REDEEM' on the touch screen to withdraw cash.
3How to get your cash from the Redeem Code?
1. Select 'REDEEM'
2. Type the 12 digit Redeem Code on your receipt
3. Select 'CONTINUE'
4. The BTM will dispense your cash.
NOTE: The cash will only be available after one confirmation is registered on the Blockchain. A redeem code will then be issued on your receipt. Once received, press ' REDEEM' on the touch screen to withdraw cash.
4What kind of currencies are accepted? (Buy/Sell)
For buying Bitcoin, CryptoClub BTMs only accepts Canadian Dollars in the following values: $10, $20, $50, $100 bills.
For Selling, CryptoClub BTMs will buy the following Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
5What is a mobile wallet? Where can I get a mobile wallet?
A mobile wallet is a way to carry your Cryptocurrencies in a digital form on your mobile device.
To set up your first Bitcoin wallet go to and complete the sign up process.
Enter your email, a strong password (write it down; keep it safe), and fill in the captcha.
Once you've done this, login to your wallet.
Beside the QR code there is a long bold string of characters, that looks similar to this 1P2dSUUP5mHr3tboPY3wgXujXvqhzfzmpN This is your public wallet address that you can give to people when you want them to send you Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Alternatively, you can have people scan your QR code to send you coins.
6How do I import my paper wallet?
Go to, and create a new wallet.
Login and click "Import / Export", and then "I understand".
It may prompt you for your password again. If so, enter it.
Near the bottom of the page, you will see "Import Using Paper Wallet", and under it, "Scan with webcam". Click "Scan with webcam".
It will ask you for the private key; in the input box you will see a small QR code. Clicking it will open your webcam. Scan the private key side of your paper wallet, with your webcam and it will automatically pull all the coins off the paper wallet and deposit them into your new wallet. From there you can send them anywhere you like.

​ Alternatively, you can use one of these apps from your smart phone:
With Android smart phone, you could use the App, Mycellium.
With iPhone, you could use the App, Breadwallet.
7How is this different from an exchange?
An exchange is a company that gives you access to trading like trading on the stock market. Unfortunately exchanges are not risk-free. When you send your money to an exchange there are often wire fees, deposit fees and withdrawal fees.
​ With the CryptoClub BTM, your transaction is over in seconds and your Bitcoin safely on your phone. No risky and complex dealings with foreign exchanges, bank wire fees or local meet-ups with strangers. CryptoClub BTM brings you some of the fastest BTMs on the market so that the Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin is transferred quickly and safely in your wallet. It's not held at some exchange or bank for you, you control it, just like digital cash.
8CryptoClub BTM Locations
Our BTMs are located in the Greater Montreal Area.

Main Office - Digital Currency Exchange Desk
Crypto Club Inc. , 5120 Avenue de Courtrai, Suite #101 ,Montreal, QC H3W 1A7

LaSalle - Bitcoin ATM
Depanneur 7 Jours Soleil, 9558 Rue Jean-Milot, LaSalle, QC H8R 1X7

Ville St. Laurent - Bitcoin ATM
Depanneur Kit Kat, 1495 College St., Montreal, QC H4L 3L2

Montreal-North - Bitcoin ATM
Depanneur Pascal, 6364 Pascal St., Montreal-North, QC H1G 1T6

Montreal-North - Bitcoin ATM
Provi-Soir, 10640 Blvd. Pie-IX. Montreal, QC H2X 3V4

Snowdon - Bitcoin ATM
Buanderie, 4947 Ch. Queen-Mary, Montreal, QC H3W 1X4

Montreal-East - Bitcoin ATM
X-Ellent Convenience Store / Depanneur, 8151 Blvd. Pie-IX, Montreal, QC H1Z 3T5

Downtown Montreal - Bitcoin ATM
MacKay Convenience Store / Depanneur, 1434, rue MacKay, Montreal, QC H3G 2H7

Quartier Latin - Bitcoin ATM
Buanderie Saint-Laurent, 3644 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC H2X 2V4

Lachine - Bitcoin ATM
Super Market/Marche New Orchard, 2425 rue Provost, Lachine, QC H8S 1R1

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