Bitcoin ATM in L'Île-Bizard

Bitcoin ATM machine in L'Île-Bizard

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Lachine, QC H8S 1R1
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Bitcoin ATM Machine in L'Île-Bizard

Visit our Bitcoin ATM machine in L'Île-Bizard. Sell or Purchase your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum directly at our location.

Bitcoin ATM: Advantages of our Bitcoin ATM Machines

Located in L'Île-Bizard, our state of the art Bitcoin ATM machines can buy and sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Our Bitcoin ATM machines offer:
  • Privacy (no ID or Access to your bank account)
  • Entire transaction is Anonymous
  • Buy / Sell Bitcoin
  • User Friendly
  • No need for a digital wallet when you are buying BTC
  • Printable receipts
  • Low fees
  • 24/7 Customer service via SMS or Phone
  • We currently have 10 Bitcoin ATM locations in the Greater Montreal area. Visit the Bitcoin ATM machine nearest you!

  • Sell or Buy Bitcoin in Île-Bizard using Cash

    Our Bitcoin ATM machine in Île-Bizard is very user friendly for first time buyers, once purchased, the Bitcoin (BTC) are sent instantly to your digital wallet from the machine. It is the safest way to buy Bitcoin.
    If you are looking to sell your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin ATM machine can dispense the cash for it at a fair market rate.
    The Bitcoin machines are located inside businesses that are open at hours that are more suitable and convenient for you.
    You can also reach us in person at our Main Office Digital Currency Exchange Desk by appointment only.

    About L'Île-Bizard

    L'île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève is a borough of Montreal. Located northwest of the city, the district is bordered by the Lake of the Two Mountains and the Rivière des Prairies. To the south, it neighbors the Pierrefonds-Roxboro district. Away from the hectic pace of the city, this family-friendly region offers an array of green areas.
    Formerly called Île Bonaventure, it was renamed Île Bizard in 1723 after Jacques Bizard, to whom it was granted as a fief in 1678 as part of the seigneurial system of New France. The island was also used by the settlers of New France to bring lumber from the river to Montreal using wooden rafts. Previously, the island was an independent municipality called St. Raphael de L'Île-Bizard, but it was forced to merge with the city of Montreal and became the borough of L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève. On June 20, 2004, a referendum was held on separation. Even though more than 50% voted in favor of the split, it was unsuccessful as this accounted for less than the necessary 35% of the electorate.
    Offering residents a quiet and relaxing environment away from downtown Montreal, this area is a convenient place to live. Multiple green spaces, one of which is a nature park and highly rated golf courses, combine to make it the perfect location for residents who love the outdoors, and also for families looking to keep their kids entertained close to home. However, don't be fooled by the tranquil and residential ambiance of the area, as there is much to discover.
    L'île-Bizard has a very casual environment that mirrors family life. Depending on the season, children can be seen here enjoying themselves playing in the parks or playing in the snow in their own front yards. At the same time, the region draws people from all over the city, which includes sports aficionados to the nature park and golf enthusiasts to one of the highly rated golf courses.
    Given the comfortable and peaceful ambiance of the area, it is mainly family-oriented and encompasses both new and old families alike. As a matter of fact, close to one-third of the area residents are under the age of 20. Despite having one of the lowest immigrant populations in Montreal, this area is the most bilingual in the city.This neighborhood does not lack for green spaces, with six parks and recreation areas and one nature park. Home to a public library and a venue for shows of theater, music, and dancing called the Salle Pauline-Julien, the district is also home to a large number of students from neighboring boroughs. College students from neighboring districts (mainly from the West Island) also frequent the area to pursue their French studies at the Collège Gérald-Godin.
    The area has older and newer properties to accommodate all budgets. The same goes for the area's hotspots, which offer everything from high-end restaurants serving French cuisine to humble bakeries and breakfast joints.

    We currently have 10 Bitcoin ATM locations in the Greater Montreal. Visit the Bitcoin ATM machine nearest you!