Bitcoin ATM in Pointe-Claire

Bitcoin ATM machine in Pointe-Claire

2425 rue Provost
Lachine, QC H8S 1R1
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Bitcoin ATM Machine in Pointe-Claire

Visit our Bitcoin ATM machine in Pointe-Claire. Sell or Purchase your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum directly at our location.

Bitcoin ATM: Advantages of our Bitcoin ATM Machines

Located in Pointe-Claire, our state of the art Bitcoin ATM machines can buy and sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Our Bitcoin ATM machines offer:
  • Privacy (no ID or Access to your bank account)
  • Entire transaction is Anonymous
  • Buy / Sell Bitcoin
  • User Friendly
  • No need for a digital wallet when you are buying BTC
  • Printable receipts
  • Low fees
  • 24/7 Customer service via SMS or Phone
  • We currently have 10 Bitcoin ATM locations in the Greater Montreal area. Visit the Bitcoin ATM machine nearest you!

  • Sell or Buy Bitcoin in Pointe-Claire using Cash

    Our Bitcoin ATM machine in Pointe-Claire is very user friendly for first time buyers, once purchased, the Bitcoin (BTC) are sent instantly to your digital wallet from the machine. It is the safest way to buy Bitcoin.
    If you are looking to sell your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin ATM machine can dispense the cash for it at a fair market rate.
    The Bitcoin machines are located inside businesses that are open at hours that are more suitable and convenient for you.
    You can also reach us in person at our Main Office Digital Currency Exchange Desk by appointment only.

    About Pointe-Claire

    Pointe-Claire is a borough on the island of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. It is fully developed and the development includes residential areas, light industry and retail. It has a population of approximately 31,380 (as of 2016).
    The shoreline of Pointe-Claire along Lac Saint-Louis is about 30 meters above sea level and rises about 30 meters along a shifting fault near the shore, and even steeper to the west. Pointe-Claire is bordered by Dollard-des-Ormeaux to the north, Dorval to the east, Lac Saint-Louis to the south, and Kirkland and Beaconsfield to the west.
    There is a large industrial and commercial area in the city that extends on both sides of Quebec's Autoroute 40. Manufacturing is the largest employer in Pointe-Claire, and retail is the second largest sector.Pointe-Claire is fully urbanized and developed. It features thirty-eight public parks and greenways with baseball/softball diamonds, twenty-six playgrounds, nineteen soccer fields, seven outdoor swimming pools, twenty-four tennis courts, ten outdoor skating rinks, and five waterfront areas.
    Pointe-Claire was for the first time described by Nicolas Perrot in his 1669 report, and the name Pointe-Claire appeared on a map as early as 1686. While Samuel de Champlain canoed the area in 1613, he reported that no village or dwelling was visible.
    From 2002 to 2006, there were municipal reorganizations throughout the province, including a restructuring of Montreal; Pointe-Claire was consolidated with Montreal and became a borough. However, following political shifts (Quebec general elections in 2003 and Quebec municipal referendums in 2004), Pointe-Claire was reestablished as an independent city in 2006, along with several other boroughs.

    We currently have 10 Bitcoin ATM locations in the Greater Montreal. Visit the Bitcoin ATM machine nearest you!