Crypto Club Inc. Announces Deal with Autocoinage of Montreal, QC
Crypto Club Inc. Announces Deal with Autocoinage of Montreal, QC
December 26, 2017
Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin
Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin
November 20, 2018
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What is Cryptocurrency and How Can You Spend It?

What is Cryptocurrency and How Can You Spend It?

The global economic system is changing and we can thank cryptocurrency for that. Whether you’re looking to invest or have already started investing in cryptocurrencies, knowing where to spend your currency is helpful. Cryptocurrency is a highly secure digital currency that comes with some pretty great benefits. Since it’s so secure, those involved can steer clear of fraud, identity theft, and high fees. There are many different values of cryptocurrency and they can be monitored in real time.

How can you store your cryptocurrency in wallets? Yes, you can keep your cryptocurrency in a “wallet” and access it in a variety of ways:
· Software-based wallet: Keeps your wallet and cryptocurrency key accessible right on your computer desktop.
· Online/mobile wallet: Access your cryptocurrency from your phone or anywhere you have internet access.
· Hardware wallet: Store your cryptocurrency key in an electronic USB device.
· Paper wallet: Offered by limited outlets, paper wallets have your cryptocurrency key printed in the form of a QR code.
How can you spend your cryptocurrency? Spending your currency, primarily Bitcoin, is becoming easier as popularity continues to increase:
· Retailers: There are already some major retailers accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Expedia, NewEgg, and Overstock are among many making it possible for you spend your Bitcoins on everyday needs.
· Payment processors: Making it easier for local and online stores to accept your cryptocurrency as a form of payment, Square, Shopify, and Stripe are continuing to integrate their systems to make shopping easy for consumers.
· Debit and prepaid cards: There are a variety of card companies out there, including major ones such as Visa and Mastercard, that allow you to use your cryptocurrency for purchases.

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